Sunday, January 11, 2009

getting to know you #1

Hello. I'm really excited about this. I just adore the work of Christa Fleming, and am glad to introduce her work to you. Her style is very clean and simple which I appreciate, not to mention minuscule. And we all know how much better things are when tiny. Enjoy.

please tell us who you are, and a bit about your business/art.
I am a graphic designer and have had my own business for over 5 years. I love being able to work from home, so I can be with my kids (Henry, 4 and Leo, 2) and my husband, who is the full time parent. We spend a lot of time in our PJs and we like it that way. I started my Etsy shop as a way to work another creative outlet into my routine. It had been years since I’d painted. I love my job, but I create things for other people all day, so the Etsy shop allows me to create whatever happens to be in my brain that day.

describe your creative/creating process.
I’m a sketcher. I sketch before I design and I sketch before I paint. The sketching sometimes only takes a minute or two, but it helps get my brain moving in the right direction. And then I like to create quickly — I’m all about instant gratification and, frankly, my mind and my creative process works best when I move fast. If I’m laboring over something, it usually means it isn’t working. Not always, but often. And the tiny paintings in my Etsy shop are the perfect medium for my need for instant gratification.

what are your favorite places to shop (both on and off etsy)? (boring answer, but damn those guys have everything)
On Etsy, some of my favorite purchases have come from:
I like to buy things for my kids, in case you haven’t noticed.

how do you describe your personal style?
Less is more. I love simplicity.

what is your top piece of advice for someone trying to run their own business?
The main thing that helped me with my design business is that I built a portfolio over the years while I was working for other people. And then slowly started building a small client list on the side. That way, when I was ready to go out on my own, I had something to get me started.

name five things that are a constant in your daily routine.
My kids & hubs
Latté #1
An online forum of moms that I have been part of for over 3 years
Latté #2

what is your ideal day?
I love doing anything with my family. Even if it’s just running errands together.

tell us something about yourself that we might find surprising.

I don’t really like chocolate.

To see/buy her goods, please go to her Etsy shop.

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kim* said...

i have been trying for 5 years to get my business going so when i become a mommy i can stay home too.