Saturday, January 17, 2009

etsy finds

Last summer, my sister and I decided to ask our dad for some information about our family tree. We've never met most of our family on that side, and his parents died before we were born so we didn't get to hear stories from them. Now that my sister and I are talking about starting our own families, we feel a bit more curious about long lost cousins, and interesting family names. While mom was visiting over the holidays, I asked her also and it was fantastic to hear about the "ketchup brothers" (Heinz and Huntz) as well as Great-great Aunt Myrtle and her famous blackberry pie. If you haven't taken the time before, I urge you to ask someone in your family about your history. And then, go to Etsy and have someone turn those names into a piece of art.
Swirl Design Family Tree by katleminvitations $45

Treehouse Design by katleminvitations $45

Mod Geneology by ModMemento $40

Modern Abstract Interpretation by jhuggins $30

Personalized Tree Block for Kids by opusemporium $42

Logan...a Classic Family Garden by sassyfras $100

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