Saturday, January 10, 2009

etsy finds

It's apparent that I've spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours on Etsy. One category that I've failed to investigate much is Bath and Beauty. Wow, I was missing out. There are flavors that sound incredibly delicious and many shops that cater to those who want all-natural ingredients. I suggest looking through some of these shops as I picked scents that appeal to me, but of course, you may like something perhaps a little more floral. Or fruity?

Cherry Tomato Garden Soap by organiccouture $6

Bergamot Mandarin Solid Perfume by YouStinkSoap $4.35

Mendhi-Olive Oil Soap by savor $5.25

Spezia Soap-Cinnamon Clove by bonghinatura $5

Almond Soap Bar by dennisanderson $5

Linen Spray by ShopRedLeaf $10

Sea Glass Shea Butter Soap by copperlily $6

Pear Creamy Soap Bar by BellaBubbleShop $5

Brooklyn Lager Lather Soap by kopah $5

Coconut Milk Glycerin Soap by amandalouise $6


SortaFlowering Designs said...

wow what a fun bunch of suds and smell goods! Thanks for including OC in the line up, going to keep me busy clicking on all the fab links on your blog! :) Jenelle

Bella Bubbles said...

Yap! Thank's for including my soap in this super-interesting blog! What a surprise <3
Have a nice sunday!

Lisa said...

How sweet of you to include me among these wonderful soaps!