Monday, September 29, 2008

fall cold

The twins have their first cold of the season, all of 1 week in. You'd be surprised how many tissues two runny noses need.

work calendar

You can imagine how confusing it can be to keep all of girl's activities in mind. I took a few minutes this morning to update the family calendar, and thought I'd share it with you. As you can see, we use stickers to help Alli "read" the upcoming events. I've put a velcro dot on each day, and every sticker has some too, so they can all be re-used.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

etsy finds

The Ultimate Baby Guide Part 5
Picking out clothes for the twins is an activity that I thoroughly enjoy, which is a good thing considering how often they two of them need clean outfits. Girls tend to luck out when it comes to clothes, so I made a real effort to find some cute stuff for boys as well.

Sweet bird kimono by ManiMina $23

Appliqued green inch worm by skygirlstyle $12

Viking ship shirt by koosi $15.95

Flutter pinafore (reversible) by bellaserababy $24

Pretty as a peacock by mountainavenbaby $18

Orange bird lounge set by mountainavenbaby $42

Gestation worked for me by clothmothclothing $22

Snap front cardigan by makristababy $25

Blue whale applique by veryKIKI $15

Deconstructed vest by dandysocialclub $34

Guitar-onesie by Milkman $16

give a gift

I'm putting together a huge package to send to my preggers friend in Canada. The most exciting item to include is the quilt I made for her. Here it is. Print by umbrellaprints, and all the fabric is organic.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

etsy finds

The Ultimate Baby Guide Part 4
When you tuck the wee one in at night, it seems only natural to give him something cozy to hold onto. And yes, a ciuccio lovey is designed just for that, but I'm here to promote other gifts. So, here are several new friends to keep the baby company.

Lily and Grace flip dolls by umbrellaprints $110

Teething giraffe-Eve by StarbrightBaby $14

Harriet by babybomb $35

Daddy giraffe and his darling Olivia Esme Claire by mamazakka $135

White wool bear friend by twotrees $60

Lobelia the Highland Hare by Mogwaii $36

Australian Spotted Echnida by wildthingsofnoosa $20


Jenny and I had Sheree's kids yesterday for awhile. I took the four little ones while Jenny picked up the three big kids from school. We fed the seven of them, and sent them outside to play. There's no way to get that many to sit still, so here's the best I could manage of all the baby sisters. Jenny's due in 2 weeks with her third, it's gonna be nuts when we get together!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

thanks, poppytalk!

I joined The Art of Display yesterday. It's a Flickr group lead by poppytalk, one of my very favorite bloggers. Today, she featured one of my images. What a nice way to start the day! I can't seem to get the whole image in a screen shot, so go to poppytalk to see it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

etsy finds

The Ultimate Baby Guide Part 3
It's shocking how messy mealtime can get. The amount of time I spend everyday cleaning high chairs and wiping faces far exceeds the time the kids spend eating. A good bib is a life saver.

Elephant in the circles and dots bib by BeanPickleSprout $12

Bib and burp cloth set by allisajacobs $18

Vintage little fabric quilt by rikrak $21

Pink/green polka dot candy bib by AuntMeep $15

Retro kitchen big baby bib by PearlyGrey $15

Pocket bib by BubblesandSqueaks $10

Knit bib-basic denim series by Arly $12

Eat your veggies baby bib by mycrybabysboutique $8.95

Sunday, September 21, 2008

farmer's market

I'm loving the contrast of these bright dahlias from the farmer's market.

etsy finds

The Ultimate Baby Guide Part 2 art
Setting up a nursery for the baby seems like quite possibly the most fun part (apart from the actual baby, maybe). Here are several great pieces of art to consider for decorating.

Hedgehog toasting marshmallows by barkingbirdart $9

La la the llama print by falldowntree $15

Bedtime stories 1 Peter Pan for peeps photograph by ara133photography $15

Woodland Critters series-pick your mix by johnwgolden $50

Green perch gilcee print by monkeypowered $24

Tricycle print by arinfish $20

Tiny Portraits (2) print by creativethursday $35

Organized Chicks, original painting by cicifactory $90

Original Art, giraffe painting by lolipopart $5

Thursday, September 18, 2008

sneak peek

I am horrible at keeping secrets. Really, it's hard for me. I am not going to tell you, but I will give a little hint. I'm working on an exciting project, and this image is from a practice run.

design blog fame

Have you seen this yet? What an honor to be selected by Lesley of what designers for her fall guide.

etsy finds

The Ultimate Baby Guide Part 1
I've been working on compiling this list for ages, and now that three of my closest friends are preggers, and a few more are "trying" it's time for the great unveiling. Part 1, shoes-of course. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for art, cloth diapers, wooden toys, clothing and more.

Felt baby booties in pumpkin by feltcafe $30

Chirpy wool baby shoes by diddledumpling $23

Strawberry fields wool felt baby shoes by AureliaandAnnalise $22

Soft wool baby slippers by coffeelady $13.99

Custom felted baby shoes by cubskidswear $16
Little mouse felted baby shoes by prettylittle $36

Creamy-Leafy baby booties be pedrosprout $30

corduroy mary janes by tinybubblesdesigns $19

Wool booties 0-6 month by handmadepretties $20

Soft sole argyle by minitoes $18