Saturday, January 24, 2009

etsy finds

I feel a bit scattered this week, and I think this list reflects that. There's no theme, but it's a bunch of fantastic things that I'm loving right now.

French Press Coffee Cozy by pinkdixie $18

French Pet Lobster Shirt by Xenotees $20

The Simple Bag by quejimenez $220

Peppermill by woodturningcreature $125

Alder ipod Case by mjdinsmore $99.99

Spout Collective- Hen and Chicks by paigerussell $105

Icicle Necklace by marieflyfly $58

ZiqZaq-green cups for 2 by Studiotto $35

1 comment:

Studiotto said...

Lovely! I found new treasuries here!! Thank you for featuring my work..