Sunday, May 31, 2009

etsy finds

Some things I'm loving this week...

Biker Daredevil by berkeleyillustration $15

Tea for Two by utilemud $47

Orchid Pot by mrhstudio $18

Lumberjacks/ 001 by dudandchick $4

Birdsong by blackoutwell $24

Set of Porcelain Cups by kristenkswanson $150

Rooster School Bus by matteart $60

Aeroplane Pop-Up Card by galinblack $4.50

Placemats by zelig $20

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Have you ever heard a peony explode? It's a particular whisper that I can't quite explain. Red Charms like these pictured fall apart almost all at once. It's spectacular, but hard to clean up. I walked into the kitchen last weekend to find this.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

look-a new chair

I bought this lovely little rocking chair today. It looks great in the living room despite the ugmo fabric. I'm researching options to reupholster. Any suggestions?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

best gift ever

I've been meaning to post this for the last week, but was hoping to get a better image. This'll have to do because it's just such a nice gift and I want to brag. My wife built me a custom ironing board with an extra wide top specifically for laying out quilt pieces. It took her 2 semesters in a wood working class. That's some serious love.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi all,
I know many of you aren't local, but for those of you who are, please come out June 11th. The Heated will be performing at El Rio, and I will be turning 30. Jill of Small Stump has designed this incredible poster for the show, and there might even be cupcakes.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

farmer's market

I haven't been for a few months, and oh, it has been missed. I decided to break from the Saturday morning pilates class and go back to my weekly visits to the market. Today was a spectacularly gorgeous trip, we're expecting it to get up to 80 degrees. I bought artichokes, crook neck squash, sugar snaps, challah and the fruit you see below. I also splurged on a bottle of Bariani Balsamic Vinegar. We've been slowly working through a bottle of nastiness that I can't convince myself to use on salads.

1000 markets

I'm mixing things up a bit today. Instead of my usual Etsy Finds, I'm going with some favorites from the new (to me) handmade goods site called 1000 Markets. It's arranged in an interesting way, grouping together items in categories. Some of my favorites so far are "Modern Simple", and "Luxe." When it's finalized, I'll be joining the market called "The Baby Shoppe" -especially since I designed the banner. Here are a few great shops that are selling on 1000 Markets.

papaver vert

bold simple

que jimenez

pink lily press


katie blair designs

limited time by keith moore

neiko designs

Friday, May 15, 2009

more flowers

38 tables arrangements in white and green (plus 28 boutonnieres whipped up in 2 hours.) I spent most of Saturday helping Natalie.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

etsy finds

If anyone can appreciate all that moms do, it's me. Working as a nanny for the last 5 years has given me a pretty good idea of all that goes in to parenting. And it's seriously hard work. So all you moms out there, thanks for what you do-your patience, endless cleaning, nose-wiping, cracker feeding and chauffeuring- they haven't gone unnoticed. Happy Mother's Day.

Alissa by madebymoe $46

Gray Ruffle Tank by ellainaboutique $44

Denim Architect Skirt by ellainaboutique $60

Butterfly Bench by joshuadavidgregory $900

Garden Apron by inklore $45

Branches Tea Cozy by inklore $35

Red Fortune Cookies Pillow Cover by Kainkain $19

Manila Envelope iphone Cozy by VintageCoquette $16

Vermillion Circles Necklace by wookwoodworking $45

Cosmic Cutting Board and Trivet by wookwoodworking $27

Peach Silo Votive by upintheairsomewhere $24

spring has sprung

After a week of rain, we have had several gorgeous days, and our strawberry plants are thrilled.

Monday, May 4, 2009

early to rise

I had the opportunity to do some flower arrangements for my friend Natalie while she's out of town. I was at Coco500 by 7 this morning to fill their vases.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

etsy finds

These things seem to happen in waves, and right now it's all about boys. Bobby, Lowell, Finnegan and soon Baby Pirie and Baby Espinosa. What I'd like to do is buy handmade for all of them, but all purchasing is on hold. So let's go on a virtual shopping spree, shall we?

Cat and Bird man suit by pinkdixie $35

Fish Mobile by khamm75 $45

Wool Diaper Cover Shorts by happybumbaby $29

Dan the Horse (Wool Slippers from Recycled Wool) by woolybaby $28

Viking Bird Print by barkingbirdart $18

Red French Pants by gomonkeydesign $28
Hedgehog Teether by littlesaplingtoys $12

Jack Baby Boot by sugarplumptree $23

Organic Infant Trousers by organicbeginings $15

Organic Merino Wool Matress Pad by OrganicByNature $37

Sinbad the Stripey Puppy by theaxx $25

Infant Wool Pilot Cap by thinkingmama $22

Skully Skivvies by smallthreads $10.50

Taupe Striped Toddler Pant by LilBeans $14

Whale Onesie by veryKIKI $13