Wednesday, December 3, 2008

etsy finds

Did you hear the report on NPR this morning? One-third of 1500 toys tested were found to have high levels of toxic chemicals in them! Shocking that companies would knowingly put toxic materials in their products, and even worse that parents buy them. Do yourself and your children a favor, buy something from the list below. A gigantic (6 part!) baby/kid gift guide can also be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Monstropolis by CreativeNeesh $40

Wood Stacking Toy by littlesaplingtoys $26

Wool Crown by dreamchildstudio $18

Father and Son Ties by toybreaker $57

Stuart Sweater Vest by Soil $30

Flip 'n Match by petitflaneur $35

Days of the Week Box Set by handmadejig $70

Custom Doll by ImogensGarden$42

Wool Felt Baby Shoes by elefent $26

Fleece Jacket by hannaandviolet $48

Abbie Doll by madebymaisie $45

Mocha Striped Pinafore and Pet by freerangebaby $38

Little Nina Hat by studiowonjun $42


Kimber said...

Thanks for featuring our Stacking Set; we love that toy!

maudlin~*~maudlin said...

Thank-you so much for including my baby shoes on here! I love your blog--I'm so glad you wrote and told me about this post! :)

amy said...

You have a lot of great features. Thanks for sharing. I like the wool crown. I have a thing for crowns, don't know why.

Also thanks for featuring our handlebar mustache man tee.

Ashley said...

I've had those green wool felt shoes on my wishlist for months now! Wonderful choice!