Thursday, December 4, 2008

etsy finds

It's really satisfying to find the exact right gift for someone. When you're excited to give the gift, you know you've done it. And that is just how it should be. When you take someone's personality or interests into consideration, you can really end up with something unique. And I guess that is how I would describe this list. Most of these might not suit everyone on your list, but if you find a fantastic gift for just one of those people, than this collection will make sense.

Transparent Lucite Bracelet with Real Beetles by KolosStudio $30

Vintage Camera by TimothyAdamDesigns $37

Dumbmachine 003 Tunic by themachinestops $55
Set in Stone, Moss Ring by AdornJewelry $35

Slip-on Short Boots by fiab65 $60

Book Mobile by theshophouse $48

Beer Run Tote by BlueThimble $30

Yellow by ErinTyner $28

Doors Poster by PataPri $20

Tree Wall Plaque by Samskiart $30

Personalized Tulip Stationary by WhiskerGraphics $20 (set of 10)

Handlebar Mustache Man Tee by spittingimage $20

The Shunning T-shirt by clothmothclothing $22

Cityscape Skyline Decal by BadassCustomDecals $50

1 comment:

Erin Tyner said...

So many great items Jenny - thank you for including my photography! (and for helping me with my Christmas shopping ;)