Saturday, December 27, 2008

etsy finds

Ok, I know this is an obscene number of recommendations, but there are a lot of fantastic calendars out there. Plus, you may want a different style depending on where your calendar is going to live. And the truth is, I'm terrible at making decisions and couldn't narrow the list down any more than I did already.

Letterpress Collaboration Wall Calendar by pistachiopress $35

Nature by storybymia $22

Small Calendar by jessgonacha $20

Calendar by jenskelley $10

Calendar by orangebeautiful $28

Sitting Pretty-Printable Calendar by bluetricyle $5

Desktop Calendar by InkspotWorkshop $18

Minimalist Modern II by SureAsBlue $9.99

Satsuma Press Calendar by satsumalynn$44

Wall Calendar by valerydesignwrks $30

A Year in the Kitchen by smackofjellyfish $18

Colorful Month Squares-Printable Template by juniperjefferies $5

Fabric Calendar by maramiki $20

Red Brick Houses by allalongpress $22.50

Calendar by everyjotandtittle $14

Desktop Calendar by MichelleBrusegaard $20

Savoring Maine by scramp22 by $19.95

Shout Wall Calendar by MagnoliaMoonlight $30


smackofjellyfish said...

Thanks so much for including my kitchen calendar with all of these fantastic ways to mark 2009!


Inkspot Workshop said...

So nice to see my calendar, thanks for the feature:) Happy 2009!

maramiki said...

Excellent collection, I think I need a new one for every room. Thanks for including my fabric calendar!