Thursday, September 25, 2008

etsy finds

The Ultimate Baby Guide Part 4
When you tuck the wee one in at night, it seems only natural to give him something cozy to hold onto. And yes, a ciuccio lovey is designed just for that, but I'm here to promote other gifts. So, here are several new friends to keep the baby company.

Lily and Grace flip dolls by umbrellaprints $110

Teething giraffe-Eve by StarbrightBaby $14

Harriet by babybomb $35

Daddy giraffe and his darling Olivia Esme Claire by mamazakka $135

White wool bear friend by twotrees $60

Lobelia the Highland Hare by Mogwaii $36

Australian Spotted Echnida by wildthingsofnoosa $20


Sarah Campbell said...

Thank you so much for including Lobelia the highland hare in your fantastic cuddly finds. She is so proud to be included that the tips of her ears are blushing as we speak.

xx Sarah

mamazakka said...

Such a nice selection of lovables! I wish Every toy in my kid's rooms were so special! An honor to be included!
:) Autumn

mamazakka said...

Hello again! Just a note to say Daddy Giraffe is now available at a reduced price for the Holiday season! He is still a one of a kind, and I'm hoping he goes to a good home even though I'll miss him!