Thursday, September 18, 2008

etsy finds

The Ultimate Baby Guide Part 1
I've been working on compiling this list for ages, and now that three of my closest friends are preggers, and a few more are "trying" it's time for the great unveiling. Part 1, shoes-of course. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for art, cloth diapers, wooden toys, clothing and more.

Felt baby booties in pumpkin by feltcafe $30

Chirpy wool baby shoes by diddledumpling $23

Strawberry fields wool felt baby shoes by AureliaandAnnalise $22

Soft wool baby slippers by coffeelady $13.99

Custom felted baby shoes by cubskidswear $16
Little mouse felted baby shoes by prettylittle $36

Creamy-Leafy baby booties be pedrosprout $30

corduroy mary janes by tinybubblesdesigns $19

Wool booties 0-6 month by handmadepretties $20

Soft sole argyle by minitoes $18


umbrellabella said...

You are too cute! I love all your choices!

Handmade with Love said...

The Little Mouse booties are the cutest things, great blog thanks for including Cubs Kids Wear
Victoria xx