Wednesday, November 5, 2008

kitchen inspiration

Earlier this year Cristina asked me when I thought we might be done working on the house. I looked at her, amused, and stated that I never plan to finish. Some people, myself included, feel the need to rework and redecorate on a regular basis. So what room now? The kitchen and hallway haven't been repainted since we moved in. I'm thinking a nice warm gray for the bottom section of the hall and white for the top since there is very little natural light there. The image above was posted about 2 months ago by sfgirlbybay in a kitchen inspiration piece, and has been sitting on my desktop since. We have terracotta in our tile and I think these colors will modernize the room, and work with the unfortunate backsplash.

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umbrellabella said...

I love that paint colour with the orange chairs for a lift mmm