Saturday, November 29, 2008

etsy finds

And now for a fantastic selection of gifts for your most girly girlfriends/wives/and sisters. (Cristina, please take note.)

Medium Frame Pouch by oktak $28

Poppy Pouch by moxieandoliver $55

Arboretum Bracelet by MonkeyBuns $26

Victoriana Sarflette by TickledPinkKnits $76

Critalline Orange by bronwenhandcrafted $89

Circus B'zerkus Platform Pumps by zerkahloostrah $365

Large Felt Handbag by lusitania $115

Seafoam Earrings by sweptfromthesea $22

Orange Sun Flowers Necklace by tijusai $34

1 comment:

Dashery Jewelry said...

Great gift picks! I'd love to get any one of them but my favs are the Arboretum Bracelet and the Victoriana Scarflette!