Friday, November 7, 2008

etsy finds

It's too early to buy Christmas presents. It makes me crazy to see holiday decorations before Halloween. Seriously people, is nothing sacred?! Christmas cards, maybe, since it takes awhile to write and send them, but even that should wait until at least Nov 1. Maybe you know someone with a birthday coming up? Maybe you need a little retail therapy? Take a look below, but do not even consider saving these for Christmas gifts!

Modern Birds by chakrapennywhistle $40

Billie Candelholder by jeanpelle $35

Robin's Nest Beadwork by dragynsfyre$25

Leather Flask my moxieandoliver $65

Linen Pinafore by pamelatang $78

Flower Resin Earrings by creativechickdesigns $25

Glass Owl Figurine by ModishVintage $9.50

Chocolate Wasabi Napkins by plait $120

Funtional Recomposition by irregularexpressions $72

1 comment:

the b-line said...

Awesome finds! I love Chakra Pennywhistle!