Sunday, November 9, 2008


Do you ever have days when you feel completely discouraged, and wonder why you're doing what you're doing in the first place? I spent the last month or so preparing for a big fair that was today. After standing and smiling for 4 hours, I sold $12 worth of merchandise. I had to pay to be in the show, and actually paid for sewing help as well. It was a complete bust.
To be honest, this is the second time I've felt blue this week. After Tuesday night's elation from our country finally voting for someone who might impact the world in a positive way, I woke up only to find out that California, as well as several other states, voted to take away rights from the gay community. Thanks a lot people! Thanks for making it so I can no longer get married to the woman I have been with for the last 7 years.

Please excuse the poor quality of these images from today's fair. I failed to bring along the camera and took these with my phone.


umbrellabella said...

Sorry to hear that. I have had market days like that too its such a bummer. And politically... it must hurt so badly to not be able to marry your partner.

I hope the Rose and Radish feature takes your mind off things good timing from them!x

lia said...

don't be disheartened! your beautiful work touches thousands of people all over the world, even if we don't have the money to buy with or the babies to buy for right now. and the rest of the country will catch up to MA and CT in time, just not soon enough. here's a link that proves time will heal all.