Friday, November 14, 2008

etsy finds

Ever since I made such a fuss about early holiday shopping, I realized that I really ought to post a list of holiday cards. December is now a mere two weeks away, and there are so many good choices, you might need that time to make up your mind.

'tis the season to be awesome by Earmark $13 (set of 4)

alpaca warm wishes by foxyandwinston $5 ea.

christmas bunny love by ScotiaMade $10 (set of 6)

merry christmas by MielleDesigns $2.50 ea

modern chair holidays by nouveaudesigns $24 (set of 12)

warm wishes by orangebeautiful $12 (set of 6)

peppermint christmas cards by thecraftpantry $12 (set of 8)

happy holidays letterpress by paperedtogether $16 (set of 6)

happy holidays cards by MichelleBrusegaard $16 (set of 10)

flyer sleds by winifredStudios $10 (set of 4)

1 comment:

earmark said...

oh what a great list of cards! I am honored to have our 'Tis the season to be awesome cards included! THANK YOU!! Great blog too! :)

i cannot believe how December is two weeks away... sshhh... ha ha! I am not even close to holiday shopping mode yet! YIKES!