Saturday, April 19, 2008

etsy finds

Today's list is all about chairs. If you haven't put much thought into where you put your tush, it's time to really ponder it. And if you're like me and so many other etsy sellers, you've spent hours and dollars on this very important part of designing your home.

The Modern Design Deck Poster is actually what inspired this list. Illustrated by pleasebestill. I'd like to have several of the individuals prints and the poster hanging together somewhere.

Send a chair in the mail. Two lovely notesets by cricicis. $8.50 ea

Maria Janosko is an admitted chair freak, and her paintings clearly show that she has spent some serious time thinking about chairs. Both of these make me smile.

Jill Dryer was one of the first etsy shops that I clicked as a favorite. I love the juxtaposition of modern design and nature and her bold color choices.

Home is where the chair is. A lovely print by JennSki.

The title of this piece caught my eye. "Somewhere a desk is lonely" by ottok. It's strangely easy to imagine a desk and chair really missing one another.

It's never to early to introduce good style. The illustrations by Sarah Jane Studios are lovely for a nursery or playroom. And I love the idea of these famous chairs finally getting some recognition. $24 ea

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Otto K. said...

A neat collection of chairs. Thanks for including mine. :)