Sunday, April 13, 2008

etsy finds

It was 80 degrees in San Francisco, which is unusually warm, and perfect as far as I am concerned. We took the babies for a stroll along Cortland, and ended up at Maggie Muds for ice cream. It's supposed to drop down to 63 by Tuesday, classic. And so here is part II of my ode to SF etsy list. If you haven't given it a try already, I highly suggest clicking "local" on etsy's homepage. It's how I found several of these artists, and fun to see what your neighbors are up to.

I'd love this letterpress print even if I didn't live here. Sarah and Ryan, the creative folks behind Lab Partners, have designed it to look vintage using pink, blue and coal. It'd look nice in our kitchen.

It's the color choices that really stand out to me on all of these cards by onemore. The yellow magnolias on grey, the intense red contrasting with white, and the just right shades of red, orange, green, blue and brown in the Thank You above. Matching envelopes is a nice touch as well.

I have actually featured lizardpress in the past, but I'm still loving so many of her letterpress prints. This one in a lovely shade of blue is a sign here in San Francisco, so of course it made the list. The envelopes above are an illustration from a photograph of a 1695 explorer's map taken from the San Francisco History Center in the Public Library. Printed onto recycled envelopes. I really love them.

The simplicity of these little necklaces by modflo is what gives them charm. Each one is unique, and darling.

Even though I'm a city girl now, there is a part of me that dreams about living in the middle of nowhere and growing all my own food, and making cheese to sell at the local market. Making yarn such as Serendip does temps me too. The process is beautifully described in each listing. Take a look before your next knitting project, there are lovely choices.

For those of you who are engaged, or thinking about getting engaged, please take a look at the gorgeous invitations by inkylivie. I like the contrast and repetition of this calla invitation a lot.

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