Friday, April 4, 2008

etsy finds

Last week Alli and I started a little garden on the front patio. Today the first of the wildflowers sprouted and our little sweet peas and mint are doing just fine. There's nothing more fulfilling than gardening and this etsy list is dedicated to getting your hands dirty.

If I didn't have to share my house with someone whose style is often quite different from my own, I would have bought Thread by Emmalynne ages ago. That said, Spade is an image we could both appreciate, and I bet you will too.

I had no idea where a Luffa came from, and would probably have guessed the sea if you asked me. Now I not only know, but I might even grow my own. These and several other heirloom seeds are available from sevenacrewoods.

is a local company with several great prints. The simplicity and colors of Sprout II in particular caught my eye.

It would be hard to use the seeds from these amazing letterpress packets, but I suppose if you open them carefully they could be saved. Comes in a set of 7, made by lizardpress.

There are a few throw pillows that I love by Olive. Take a look at the ones that are made into little houses, does it get more adorable?

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Mom said...

I love the seed packs and the pillow.