Wednesday, April 9, 2008

etsy finds

We actually talked about moving out of the city. And then we stopped. Are we crazy? We live in an amazing 2 bedroom apartment with a fireplace and hardwood floors, and we walk to the Mission, the Castro and Hayes Valley in under 10 minutes. So this list, which will be in two parts, features some of the local artists on etsy.

As you know, I'm a bit of a canning freak, so this year when I give away dozens of jars of jam or caramel sauce or pickles, I' m thinking I could use these cute labels by remake to improve the look.

It's funny how things come into popularity and you can't help but love them. Take the chandelier for example. I never expected to like them, and then one day I bought a yard of fabric with chandeliers all over it. And then there's this awesome card by 2inspire. If you don't love it, just give it time. Soon you'll want to buy it, but it'll be too late. I will have gotten to it first.

There's a story behind the name of greenchairpress. There's also an old machine and some great fonts, so go to the website and read more. Or buy these great coasters on etsy.

You can find the ceramic work of Diana Fayt in some local shops such as Candystore, or you can buy them at oneblackbird. Either way, you'll end up with a fabulous piece of art.

It's not surprising that many of the local shops keep the environment in mind during the art making process, and the duo at binarywinter are a team that do just that by using environmentally-friendly ink, and printing on sweatshop-free shirts. Several of their designs have clearly been inspired by the green movement as well.

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binarywinter said...

Incidentally, we've also recently been talking about moving out of SF, but can't quite bring ourselves to do it yet. The city just has endless temptations and joys to offer :).

Thanks so much for featuring us!