Monday, August 24, 2009

oh, we relaxed!

As I looked through the images from our weekend getaway, I realized almost all we did was eat. Yes, it was a luxurious gluttonous trip. We were served a sit down breakfast each morning along with all of the other guests. A warm bread pudding drizzled with maple syrup on Saturday and a chile egg puff with salsa on Sunday. Plus amazing coffee (this means a lot coming from me) and seasonal fruit salad.

Friday night was our casual night out. Pizza and root beer on the patio at Adorno's.

Typical northern California beach. Cold, foggy, rough waves and serene.

Part of the gift included a picnic basket packed for us to eat at the beach for lunch on Saturday. Anything involving 3 cheeses, cornichon and fresh bread is alright be me. The fritatta and lentil salad were also delicious.

Pear tart and chocolate macaroon were the perfect finish.

Out to dinner Saturday night.

Bitter orange and prosecco cocktail. Doesn't Cristina look dashing?

Eat burrata. You will love it.

We all know that anything fried is going to be good. But have you ever had fried basil leaves? The summer squash dipped in aioli weren't bad either.

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studio choo said...

ooh looks like fun! that was a nice gift :) xoxojill