Saturday, May 2, 2009

etsy finds

These things seem to happen in waves, and right now it's all about boys. Bobby, Lowell, Finnegan and soon Baby Pirie and Baby Espinosa. What I'd like to do is buy handmade for all of them, but all purchasing is on hold. So let's go on a virtual shopping spree, shall we?

Cat and Bird man suit by pinkdixie $35

Fish Mobile by khamm75 $45

Wool Diaper Cover Shorts by happybumbaby $29

Dan the Horse (Wool Slippers from Recycled Wool) by woolybaby $28

Viking Bird Print by barkingbirdart $18

Red French Pants by gomonkeydesign $28
Hedgehog Teether by littlesaplingtoys $12

Jack Baby Boot by sugarplumptree $23

Organic Infant Trousers by organicbeginings $15

Organic Merino Wool Matress Pad by OrganicByNature $37

Sinbad the Stripey Puppy by theaxx $25

Infant Wool Pilot Cap by thinkingmama $22

Skully Skivvies by smallthreads $10.50

Taupe Striped Toddler Pant by LilBeans $14

Whale Onesie by veryKIKI $13

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dwf said...

Thanks so much for including my little pants (lilbeans) on your blog today! I checked out all the links--you have great taste! so many new discoveries. thanks for supporting handmade and for sharing all of us with your readers.