Saturday, May 9, 2009

etsy finds

If anyone can appreciate all that moms do, it's me. Working as a nanny for the last 5 years has given me a pretty good idea of all that goes in to parenting. And it's seriously hard work. So all you moms out there, thanks for what you do-your patience, endless cleaning, nose-wiping, cracker feeding and chauffeuring- they haven't gone unnoticed. Happy Mother's Day.

Alissa by madebymoe $46

Gray Ruffle Tank by ellainaboutique $44

Denim Architect Skirt by ellainaboutique $60

Butterfly Bench by joshuadavidgregory $900

Garden Apron by inklore $45

Branches Tea Cozy by inklore $35

Red Fortune Cookies Pillow Cover by Kainkain $19

Manila Envelope iphone Cozy by VintageCoquette $16

Vermillion Circles Necklace by wookwoodworking $45

Cosmic Cutting Board and Trivet by wookwoodworking $27

Peach Silo Votive by upintheairsomewhere $24


Jen B. said...

The links to the tank and skirt don't work. Here's a better link: I just had to find these!

this humble abode said...

oh (blush) thanks, I'll get on that now.

umbrellabella said...

impeccable taste as usual Jenny x
We received the mag looks soooo cool thankyou and super well done!

Anonymous said...

A few new favourites for me here :)