Sunday, March 8, 2009

getting to know you #8

Today I present a bit of a different kind of artist. Abigail Munn and I met in dance class in 1997. We were fast friends due to a common love of food, and the fact that we both broke both of our arms in 5th grade. As you'll read, she leads a rather interesting life.

please tell us who you are, and a bit about your business/art.

My name is Abigail and I am the co-director of Circus Bella, a traditionally staged outdoor one-ring circus with live original musical accompaniment. Running a circus is a multifaceted job. I wrangle musicians, keep clowns in line, juggle three clubs, make costumes for the cast, find funding beneath doormats and couch cushions, and last but not least, am the trapeze artist for the show. My stage name is High Flying Abigail but the cast calls me “HiFly."

describe your creative/creating process.
Music is very important when I am creating a new act. I have eclectic taste and am always searching and listening for something new. Right now I can’t get enough of the Balkan composer Boris Kovak. Besides music, I am very inspired by old movies and video clips. Buster Keaton is a personal hero. I admire his timing and physicality. I am obsessed with silent movies- I see more of them than I do “talkies.”

what are your favorite places to shop?
Flea markets and garage sales. I am always looking for new treasures. I have a terrible weakness for old luggage.

how do you describe your personal style?
I am a little old fashioned. I love bright colors and have cultivated what I like to call “rummage-sale chic.” I have quite a collection of beloved vintage dresses. I love getting dressed up, but because of what I do, I spend most of my time in sweat pant or tights and a leotard.

what is your top piece of advice for someone trying to run their own business?
David (the other half of Circus Bella) and I always joke that in running a circus you walk the fine line between craziness and stupidity. I think it is important to take risks and sometimes just go for it. Persistence and sweat go a long way.

name five things that are a constant in your daily routine.
I don’t really have a routine. No day is ever alike, but I came up with three:
Yogurt, granola and a cup of coffee – I never skip breakfast
Abdominal exercise – I mix up the rest of my training (trapeze, ballet, pilates, jogging, handstands, pull-ups and juggling)
Dental floss and Listerine – I am a little crazy clean about my teeth

what is your ideal day?
Ballet class in the morning, a trip to the Ferry Building and a nice dinner out on the town OR Circus Bella show day.

tell us something about yourself that we might find surprising.
I failed P.E. class in middle school. I got a “needs improvement.”

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