Saturday, March 28, 2009

etsy finds

We had a party a few weeks ago, and several of the guests asked about our art collection. We've been slowly collecting over the years, but many of my favorites have come from etsy. Over the last year+ that I've been blogging, many of these artists have been featured. But here they are all together, in a big "go buy art" list.

Fade by ErinTyner $32

Tiny Moon by blissfulimages $25

Let's Grow Old Together by groundwork $20

Deux by AliciaBock $35

Tunisian Marketplace by dkim $35

Screenprinted Gigposter by strawberryluna $20

Winter Blues by Lampreia $30

Midnight by sophiassweetspot $20

Koi Pond by arinfish $50

Print Set no. 3 by seasprayblue $20

Modern Plumbing by benben $50

Woodpecker Convention by jdryerart $20

Winter Ocean by Bueller $35

Sit Eat Enjoy by JennSki $41

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