Saturday, March 7, 2009

etsy finds

I know of 5 people who have their birthday today. I can't think of another day all year with so many birthdays. So here's one for all of you turning one year older.

IBC Creme Glasses by YAVAglass $24 (set of 4)

Little Garden by AliciaBock $25

Vintage Heels by biretu $75
Vroom Tomboy Wallet by BCharmer $29.50

Scissor Kickers by EarthCadets $22

Bubblicious 9 by 3dots $34

The A-line Bag by aandvdesigns $46

Ice Skaters Block Print by shyama $30

Birdalope by Geninne $25

Cosmic Cutting Board and Trivet by wookwoodworking $27


shanzler said...

Hey that ice skater print is something I planed to buy... I better hurry

Colleen MacDonald said...

What a fabulous collection of goodies. I love the photo of the lime heels; very artistic and makes me want them even though I could never walk in them!

Jenny RInzler said...

I think they are kitten heels which means they are pretty low, but they are size 9 which is too big for me, boo.
Shanzler, I'm pretty sure she'd print another one for you if that one sells.