Saturday, March 21, 2009

etsy finds

I guess I'm in the mood for luxury, because this week it's all about cashmere, porcelain and hand crafted wood furniture. I get these itches to re-do the house, a lot. And lately I'm thinking big. Like "let's move so I have a whole new home to decorate" big. I'd need a new career to afford it, and that's not happening, but let's just dream a little shall we?

Linen Hand Hemstitched Napkins by LinenMe $39.99 (set of 4)

Short Sleeve Gray Cashmere Sweater by wearaddiction$52

model one by juniorallenandco $500

Off Circle Latte Bowl 2 by yashabutler $65

Peacock Vase by isabelleabramson $165

Pleated Torero Dress by Lirola $255

Titanium with Sterling Silver Inlays by jewelrybyjohan $89

Porcelain Knitware Bowl by alyssaettinger $65

Walnut Plywood Lounge Chair by michaelarras $399

Cashmere Knee Hi Socks by adventuresofjr $60 (on sale)

Block Table-Solid Cherry by wookwoodworking $425

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Johan said...

Thank you very much for showing my ring on your blog.