Friday, January 15, 2010

the new to do list

Most big projects have been checked off the list, but there's plenty still to do this weekend. Thankfully it's a long one, so we're taking Sunday off to visit grandma in Santa Cruz.

1) hem bedroom curtains
2) attack cobwebs
3) super dusting
4) clutter control
5) vacuum and mop wood floors
6) use the power of baking soda on the bathroom floor
7) finish potting last 2 succulents
8) hem linen tablecloth
9) hang 2nd thread organizer

On a completely separate note. We had dinner with some friends earlier this week who we hadn't seen in a few months. Much of the "catching up" was chatting about our long process of me trying to get pregnant. We're on month 8 and it's been treacherous. People seem to take a particular interest because we're using a donor through a sperm bank and for the most part this is unknown territory. My friend was encouraging me to write about the process, but I don't want to force that on people. Any input? Do you want to know what went in to our decision of which donor(s) to use. Do you care what an IUI is and how a person finds out she has low progesterone?


small stump said...

i care and want to know.

amy prior said...

I have been trying for nearly 4 years for a second child and there is always something to learn.
All the bestest