Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy new year to you all. I didn't intend to take a break from blogging over the holidays, but I was so very sick. I spent almost 5 days in bed, and even had to miss our family trip to the mountains for
New Year's eve due to a high fever. Thankfully all the but the cough is now behind me!
Well, a new year. For me this always means a serious de-cluttering and organizing frenzy. And this go-around it's bigger than ever because a photographer is coming to shoot the apartment in a few weeks. Eeks! I'm totally excited and probably shouldn't mention it for fear of jinxing the whole thing -but it's out now. So for the next 3 weeks I'll be in nesting mode and the list is long.
1) Sew new curtains for the bedroom
2) New art for over the bed (I ordered some decals which I think will look great)
3) Re-hang art in the dining room. We have 2 new pieces to get framed.
4) Finish hemming the tablecloth.
5) Sew new curtains for the kitchen
6) Change out work table in the side room, which means empty it and find a place for the baking dishes to live.
7) Deal with cords behind the new desk (Cristina built a gorgeous one in her class and we will be using the old one as a work table.)
8) Find a lamp for the lampshade in the living room
9) Sew new throw pillows for the rocker and couch using Umbrella Prints scraps and linen.
10) Plant something in the empty pot on the deck, bulbs maybe?
11) Plants for the top shelf in the bathroom, what won't die up there?
12) Touch up paint in the bathroom where the vintage hairdryer used to hang
13) Get a tall person to reach up and unscrew the hook in the ceiling of the living room
14) Restack the firewood on the front steps so it doesn't look so janky
15) Clean the entire house top to bottom

You all with me still? I see some late nights over the sewing machine in the near future. Luckily all the fabric has been purchased and washed already so it's just a matter of actually making the items. I've been searching around on Etsy for ideas for what to do with the shelf over the toilet in the bathroom. It's really high, but you can see it when you sit on the pot, and while the photographer probably won't take a piture from there, it's something that annoys me on a daily basis. Ideas? I've not had great luck with plants in the past, but maybe succulents could handle it. Maybe just a collection of planters/vases?

Little Concrete Planter with Airplant by TortoiseLovesDonkey $14.50

Little Moss Bowl by benjrs $16

Bird Planter by prettyrandomobjects $48

Flower Pot by mrhstudios $75

Small bud vase by DAHceramics $25
Bigarra Pot with Saucer at Ikea $9.99

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Dara Hartman said...

Thank you for posting my bud vases! Nice blog.