Thursday, October 30, 2008

etsy finds

I'm thinking about turning the heater on tonight. It's been drizzling today, and for the first time, it really feels like winter is coming. I know San Francisco winters are pathetic in comparison to so many, but we don't have much in the way of insulation, and this house is cold. Honestly, it's colder inside than it is outside. Here are a few hip ways to stay warm. Please note, that two of the finds are patterns, for all you knitters out there.

Cashmere Legwarmers by adventuresofjr $75

Black and Charcoal Gray Armwarmers by kitmit $35

Cashmere Crochet Handwamers by trendyknitting $65

Cold Computer Hands Fingerless Gloves by PhylPhil $22

Funky Patchwork Style Legwarmer or Armwarmer by TheBackyardGazebo $16

Autumn Armwarmers Pattern by russiamoore $2.50

Ice Blue Alpaca Legwarmers by saycie $20

Hook Up Over The Shoe Legwear Pattern by yearofthegoat $5

Monday, October 27, 2008

ciuccio promo shots

Thought I'd share another image from the photo shoot. Ainsley had her boots on this morning (shown here) so I decided to post this one.

appel and frank

I'm taking part in a fantastic craft fair, please come! Nov 9 (Sun) from 10-2, Mill Valley Community Center.

Friday, October 24, 2008

etsy finds bogo

If you marked your calendar properly, you already know that a massive etsykids sale is taking place right now. If not, hurry up and check it out. Today (10/24) and Sat (10/25) many (75+) etsykids members are offering some sort of buy one, get one (bogo) in their shops. Simply search etsykids bogo on the main page, and take a look. Or link below to some of the great finds.

Dine.n.Doodle by LilBDesigns $9.50
buy 1, get 2nd item 30% off

Two people by sweetbeets $5.50
buy 1, get 2nd free

Animal alphabet poster by kachingdesign $48
buy 1, get 2 free cards

Plaid waistcoat vest by OscarANDTheodore $24.50
buy 1, get 2nd item 30% off

Posh pouch by KeikiBoutique $11.95
buy 1, get 2nd item 50% off

Little bugger smock by pinkdixie $25
all items 20% off

Giraffe plush toy by ScissorStitch $16
buy 1, get 2nd item 30% off

Laybug clip by alibugbowtique $4.75
buy 1, get 2nd item 50% off

Thursday, October 23, 2008

tea towels

Besides my full-time day job, and my close to full-time ciuccio project, I also am the unofficial merchandise manager for The Heated. We've got a new design for sale now, the tea cup, and I quite love it in blue.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ultimate baby guide

As a compliment to The Ultimate Baby Guide, I wanted to share several of my favorite sites featuring and selling baby goods.



modern tots



Little Fish Boutique

enfant terrible

cutie pies

I promise to post more design/craft soon, but I have been so busy with these little stinkers.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

endless entertainment

Just in the last few weeks, the girls have really learned to play. They wrestle and tickle one another which is seriously the cutest thing ever!

Friday, October 17, 2008

cat's out

I'm so bad at keeping secrets, so you can imagine how hard it has been for me the last month or so not to tell. Today I'm thinking it's finally time. I'm thrilled to announce an all organic line from ciuccio. I've been thinking organic since the inception of the company, but it has taken this long for it to come to fruition. I found the very talented duo of Umbrella Prints on etsy, and immediately felt they were exactly who I needed to work with to make this new line we're calling tandem. The original designs are screen printed by Amy and Carly in Adelaide, Australia. I adore the bold colors they call kimono and star fruit. After several weeks of hunting for organic solids, I decided on a great sturdy cotton by Oasis. The very cozy back is by Michael Miller. Because these larger quilts are so time consuming, I have chosen to sell them excluively through Rose and Radish. If you don't know them, they are a fantastic modern design shop here in San Francisco who offer high-end products. It's an honor to sell to them. Quilts will be available in the next few days, contact me if you have questions.

Please also read about tandem here at Rain and Shine.

This project has also allowed me to finally work with a professional photographer. Sarah Nuernberger took this and many more amazing images of my quilts. It was an absolute pleasure, and as you can see, she's extremely talented. I'll be posting more in the future.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

etsy finds

It's almost 80 degrees here today, but somehow it still feels like fall. The summer squash plants are shriveled and the cilantro has gone to seed. I needed a piece of jewelry for my sister's wedding last weekend, and here are a few of my top picks. I think you'll agree, they all look like fall.

Brass leaf bracelet by chocolatecake123 $12

Teeny tiny oblong hoops by hothoops $16

Copper bangle trio by Mocahete $46

Gold hammered oval hoops by kusu $32

Mixed metal bangles by KimBDesigns $46

Little India by LuzDesigns $12

Mustard and grey earrings by marieflyfly $24

Copper bangle pair by averywinslow $15

Big Changing Wheels in goldish-honey by Suuskeramiek $28

Honey Farm earrings by GemsByEm $14

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

notice something new?

Look up! Like what you see? The very talented Alyson Graves from seventy and sunny designed the fabulous new header for me. I'm thrilled.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

etsykids sale

A gigantic sale is coming to etsy! Members of etsykids street team (175 of us) will be hosting a sale October 24 and 25. All members are offering some sort of buy one get one (bogo) sale in their shops. Take advantage and start your holiday shopping early.

Monday, October 13, 2008

marital bliss

Here is my sister (in the dress) and her new wife. Many more pictures to come, but I'm too pooped to organize today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ferry building

My usual farmer's market trip will be a bit hectic this week as my sister is getting married Friday, and having a picnic reception Saturday afternoon. Since I don't expect to be able to post about my loot, I thought I'd give you a little tour of the Ferry Building where the market is held. Located right on the water, and gorgeously remodeled a few years ago, the building holds about 30 retail shops. Imagine the best quality olive oil, wine, cheese, coffee, chocolate, caviar, mushrooms, pastries, organic meats and so on all it one building. It's a foodies dream come true. If you are ever in the San Francisco area, you must stop here.


darling cupcakes and the sweetest little packages of cookies.

seasonal produce

flower bouquets in a wagon

potted plants for sale

Alli decides she can't walk any further, and will nap here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008