Friday, October 17, 2008

cat's out

I'm so bad at keeping secrets, so you can imagine how hard it has been for me the last month or so not to tell. Today I'm thinking it's finally time. I'm thrilled to announce an all organic line from ciuccio. I've been thinking organic since the inception of the company, but it has taken this long for it to come to fruition. I found the very talented duo of Umbrella Prints on etsy, and immediately felt they were exactly who I needed to work with to make this new line we're calling tandem. The original designs are screen printed by Amy and Carly in Adelaide, Australia. I adore the bold colors they call kimono and star fruit. After several weeks of hunting for organic solids, I decided on a great sturdy cotton by Oasis. The very cozy back is by Michael Miller. Because these larger quilts are so time consuming, I have chosen to sell them excluively through Rose and Radish. If you don't know them, they are a fantastic modern design shop here in San Francisco who offer high-end products. It's an honor to sell to them. Quilts will be available in the next few days, contact me if you have questions.

Please also read about tandem here at Rain and Shine.

This project has also allowed me to finally work with a professional photographer. Sarah Nuernberger took this and many more amazing images of my quilts. It was an absolute pleasure, and as you can see, she's extremely talented. I'll be posting more in the future.


umbrellabella said...

adrenalin rush! :-)

alyson. said...

fantastic news Jenny!! congratulations!