Thursday, October 16, 2008

etsy finds

It's almost 80 degrees here today, but somehow it still feels like fall. The summer squash plants are shriveled and the cilantro has gone to seed. I needed a piece of jewelry for my sister's wedding last weekend, and here are a few of my top picks. I think you'll agree, they all look like fall.

Brass leaf bracelet by chocolatecake123 $12

Teeny tiny oblong hoops by hothoops $16

Copper bangle trio by Mocahete $46

Gold hammered oval hoops by kusu $32

Mixed metal bangles by KimBDesigns $46

Little India by LuzDesigns $12

Mustard and grey earrings by marieflyfly $24

Copper bangle pair by averywinslow $15

Big Changing Wheels in goldish-honey by Suuskeramiek $28

Honey Farm earrings by GemsByEm $14

1 comment:

umbrellabella said...

I love all of those pieces of jewelery and also noticed your fab new header-very cute! Your cats out of the bag over my way :-)