Thursday, October 30, 2008

etsy finds

I'm thinking about turning the heater on tonight. It's been drizzling today, and for the first time, it really feels like winter is coming. I know San Francisco winters are pathetic in comparison to so many, but we don't have much in the way of insulation, and this house is cold. Honestly, it's colder inside than it is outside. Here are a few hip ways to stay warm. Please note, that two of the finds are patterns, for all you knitters out there.

Cashmere Legwarmers by adventuresofjr $75

Black and Charcoal Gray Armwarmers by kitmit $35

Cashmere Crochet Handwamers by trendyknitting $65

Cold Computer Hands Fingerless Gloves by PhylPhil $22

Funky Patchwork Style Legwarmer or Armwarmer by TheBackyardGazebo $16

Autumn Armwarmers Pattern by russiamoore $2.50

Ice Blue Alpaca Legwarmers by saycie $20

Hook Up Over The Shoe Legwear Pattern by yearofthegoat $5

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