Saturday, October 22, 2011

l'italia pt 3

"Orvieto is not exactly a foreign tourist destination," we were told by some men we chatted with. "Appunto, " I replied, that is exactly the point. We were attempting to get away from all the tourists a bit on this trip. Since my friend and I had already been to most of the "must see" spots, we agreed to avoid museums, feign an itinerary and just see what happened. To get to the hilltop town of Orvieto you must take a tram from the train station. It is quaint, old and just what imagine when you think of the Italian countryside. Of course most of the shops and restaurants are full of tourists even here, but at least they were often speaking in Italian. Our hotel was yucky, but I managed to get a beautiful shot of the colorful linens in the sunshine. Don't be fooled, the shower was totally moldy and the whole place smelled weird. We had a delightful walk in the morning topped off with a coffee and some planning for where to eat in Rome.

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