Thursday, October 20, 2011

l'italia pt 1

I'm sipping a cappuccino this morning because I am trying to hold onto the feelings of vacation as much as possible. It took 11 years to go back, but I finally made the trip to Italy. Seeing the kids I took care of all grown up was wonderful. Using the language, eating the food and meandering through the historic cities all reminded why I loved the country in the first place.
It's hard to sort through the 600+ photos that I took and share just a few so I'm breaking it up a little. We flew into Milan, spent one night there with a friend and then took the train to Genoa, where I lived.

 high above the alps between somewhere between paris and milan

piazza de ferrari genova, italia

 idyllic moment on the italian riviera

 steps into the mediterranean

 san frutuoso-only accessible by boat

 wonderful colors on the beach

the very best foccacia
 view from the historic tower, built 1007 AD. my friends own this tower

looking into the hills from the tower, genova

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