Tuesday, November 9, 2010

thinking about cookies

Hello. I think we might have some new readers, welcome. It was a big week here with The Chronicle article being the highlight for sure. Didn't read it? Try this.
The Heated had some nice press too. First, a treasury including "Get Awesome" made it to the front page of Etsy, then Dwell decided to make "Design Advice" their product of the day. And at long last, the Party Bird towel we shipped off in May made it's debut in Better Homes and Gardens, with a full page shot no less.

In addition, the line of organic textiles I have been working on for Modern Playhouse has finally been released and will be for sale this Saturday at Sprout. Pretty much everything exciting that happened all year happened in the same week. So strange. So exciting!
Can I tell you that I managed to make 3 quarts of stock and a pot of beans plus pancakes on Sunday? It's been a goal of ours this year to plan more of our meals in advance. We tend to eat better and spend less on food if at least 4 meals are shopped for on Sunday. One thing I didn't make but keep thinking about are Buckeyes. Do you know them? Smitten Kitchen wrote about them recently and I cannot stop thinking about them. I'm not even a peanut butter freak! I'm pretty sure the kids will go batty for them so I think we'll give them a go on Friday. In case you feel like ditching your diet, the recipe is here.

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