Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the color explosion that is my kitchen

The one and only time I ever made it to the Alemany Flee Market, I bought this little green table. We were on our way out when I spotted it.  Between three of us we could not quite come up with enough cash for the table, and the vendor did not want to let it go. Not even for $3 less than the asking price. It's a flee market for crying out loud! He finally did agree and as I carried it out I hoped it had been worth the annoyed feeling I felt. It has been the perfect little table to fit along the wall in the kitchen and I have not even come close to regret buying it. Setting up little vignettes after coming home from the market has been one of my great pleasures. I've posted at least half a dozen examples, and here's another. The poppies are a really wild feeling variety and I love looking at the pollen they are dropping. Not so crazy about cleaning it up, but for now I'm leaving the mess and enjoying it for what it is.


Jaclyn said...

just found your blog, what beautiful photos and I can see why he didn't want to let go of that green table - its fantastic!

this humble abode said...

Welcome and thanks.