Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Somehow my exercise walk turned into a cappuccino at a nearby coffee shop. I got off work a little early on Monday and the sun was shining and it was over 6o degrees. I think you can see how this might happen.

Also, it's time for another press photo attempt for The Heated. Out of 107 shots, we got 8 that seem usable. This is my favorite of the bunch because it is the least posed, but it's not very "press photo" like either.


amy prior said...

Thankyou for your comments my way. Amazing how many people are in similar boats once you get talking.
Fingers crossed all over the world!

Lovely photograph by the way!

Jane Childs said...

Hello, on the strength of your nice words to Amy, I clicked to your blog, saw lovely photos of twins, several interesting recipes and day-to-day stuff, and on your web-page a shot of a nice woman from the other side of the world..... and only noticed one feed-back comment. So I resolved to respond to you. Imagine my surprise to see that the one comment i noted after several of your bloggings was from Amy herself.... my own daughter. No collusion, just coincidence.
Keep up the good work, and enjoy your delightful children. With best wishes from G's gardening Granny in dry old South Australia.

this humble abode said...

Granny, you are too sweet. I love moment like that.