Saturday, February 6, 2010

protecting the goods

I'm in the process of converting a lovely little JCrew purse that I bought second-hand into a stylish camera bag. Two weeks ago I spent spent most of a rainy afternoon searching the internet for a bag that I could both afford and liked the look of. Admitedly I rather  enojoyed the countless cups and tea and the luxurious feeling of wasting time but the search was in vain, not a single item met the requirements. I found a great bag on Etsy that I could convert, but it was still more money than I should spend after having bought that rather nice camera itself.
I used a double stack of 1/2" foam and just traced the bottom of the purse onto it. Some bright teal corduroy I had laying around looks good with the interior of the purse. I just sewed it about three-quarters of the way around inside out and then flipped it, shoved int the foam and top stitched it closed. Nothing fancy, just a protective layer that can come out to be cleaned if necessary. Today I'll make a case of some sort for the actual camera to fit in.  

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