Saturday, April 11, 2009

etsy finds

I'm trying to figure out what sort of theme I have here this week. Sometimes it comes really naturally, spelled out for me. But I've been trying to branch out a bit lately, and it seems to be working. The list is all new-to-me sellers, and I think it represents that vastness of Etsy.

Tall Coper Bowl by jillrosewald $150

Handmade Metal Box by silocurb $25.50

Wool Pears by whimsywireandwool $25 (set of 4)

Lesbo Plate by trixiedelicious $20

Flower Measuring Spoon by beehivekitchenware $48

Wooden Mini Planter by trishafern $17

Cockroach Cup by catherinereece $28

Children's Wooden Place Setting by palumba $49.99

St. Winifred's Well-Wood Engraving by spoonergregory $10.50

Sitting on a Park Bench by blurb $40

Hewn Resin Bangle by QuercusSilver $25

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