Saturday, April 4, 2009

etsy finds

I'm not really an animal person. What I mean is, I'm really not an animal person. But come springtime, and in particular Easter, I become this softie, incapable of averting my eyes from adorable little bunnies and goats. It's ridiculous.

Felted Pincushion by feltmates $18

Putting the Goat in Goatee Print by youwannatalkjive $10

Hippo by tinywarbler $38

Young Buck by TheHandworkGroup $48

Pogo- Clover by pogoshop $35

Hen and Egg by whileshenaps $120

Recycled Cashmere Bunny by tizib $22

Mr. and Mrs. Lemon Drop Cake Topper by karingrow $100


Laura said...

Your animal finds are wonderful, so I'm especially proud to see Clover included among them. Thanks! said...

thank you for listing my bunnies!
and thank you for making me part of this talented bunch!

abbyjane said...

Thank so much! This is a lovely grouping!

Karin Grow said...

Thank you so much for featuring my birdie toppers with all these adorable spring finds. You have a beautiful blog. Karin

buffet said...

they are cute!
great sharing!!

kate said...

hi jenny,

thank you for including my hippo! have a happy easter,


henzy said...

oh the animals are adorable and the pin cushion is so cute. great finds