Saturday, May 31, 2008

etsy finds

It started as a search for a new necklace, but then there were some cool earrings, and a great bracelet. So now it's a list of hot jewelry finds.

Tiny Orechiette Necklace by ninadinoff $295

aqua and poppy by mudandmint $23

The Ikebana by danaleblancdesigns $18

Formica Galaxy Collection-Mint Blue Dot by spindesigns $52

Ripple Bracelet by lulustudio $420

Confetti Necklace by Brookemarton $45

Aquatic Earrings by Brookmarton $14

Large Aqua Spot Pendant by Studio309Designs $85

Bread and Milk (customizable) by melaniefavreau

Nosce Teipsum (You Must Know Yourself) by melaniefavreau $40


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