Saturday, May 10, 2008

etsy finds

The twin's first birthday is just around the corner, so I've got children's gifts on the brain. It's easy to find great kid items on etsy, and here are a few of the best.

The nerd alphabet by eletricboogaloo. I think this is brilliant.

The patterns used by Marina of byrdieclothing are made by her, and absolutely darling. Wonderful details, and great fabric choices.

If only we could get the little ones to grow some hair. Someday these wonderful clips by PrettyinPosies will come in handy.

I love this series by johnwgolden. They have a great vintage look, and delightful color choices. Not to mention that they are all good rules-by order of the management!

Bellaserababy is one of my favorite kid shops on etsy. She uses great fabrics and most of her items are reversible which means you get two outfits in one. I love the scallop on this little skirt.

More darling clips. This time by jackandjane. I had a hard time picking favorites, so definitely take a look at the site. There are tons more!

A mama and baby elephant plus polkadots, seriously how could you not love this? You can contact Maya from maidenlove to have a custom elephant made from an important article of your clothing (or your child's) for a unique heirloom.

Strawberryluna is well known for designing posters for many band's shows. She also has a wonderful alphabet series some of which is shown here. I suggest splurging and buying the entire set. You do want your kids to know all the letters after all.

You can never have too many onsies. Buy cute ones like these by muttsywonder.

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