Tuesday, March 25, 2008

etsy finds

We're having a little shin-dig this weekend and I'll be making a delicious old-fashioned chocolate cake. The etsy collection below is in honor of the future treat.

The talented Jen Oaks just happens to live next to me, and this great print was photographed on the deck that we share. Love it.

It's hard to share cake with a baby, but then again, have you ever seen them eat it? Handfuls of cake stuffed in with frosting up to the eyebrows. It's how we all wish we could indulge. This bib is made by little sprout and is a mere $4.

Hot cakes by Amanda Kindregan. Hot cakes.

I'd heard that this phrase is frequently misunderstood, so below is an official story. I adore the pale green used in this print by BluLima.

The original The French is Qu'ils mangent de la brioche. It has been suggested that the speaker's intention wasn't as cynical as is generally supposed. French law required bakers to sell loaves at fixed prices and fancy loaves had to be sold at the same price as basic breads. This was aimed at preventing bakers from selling just the more profitable expensive products. The let them eat brioche (a form of cake made of flour, butter and eggs) would have been a sensible suggestion in the face of a flour shortage as it would have allowed the poor to eat what would otherwise have been unaffordable. It's rather a mouthful, so to speak, but if the phrase had been reported as 'let them buy cake at the same price as bread' we might now think better of the French nobility.

I do deserve cake, thanks for noticing pepperina press!

A rather girly cake card by the beautiful project.

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