Saturday, March 22, 2008

etsy finds

I've noticed myself creating themes for the etsy finds. It wasn't planned, but I am an obssesive organizer so it's not exactly a surprise. This list is inspired by Cristina's weeks of dedication to learning how to screen print. A mere 10 screens later (no kidding) the owl finally came out right. The Heated dishtowels will be available from ciuccio by next week. It'll be a limited printing so snag one while you can.

I'm not sure what to say except that I love this print by magicjelly. It's brilliant.

12fifteen has been on my favorites list forever, so it's no surprise these coasters caught my eye. Love the massive line of them in the image too.

I too love poppies, so these cards were immediately a favorite. Check out the details on the brocade napkins. Michelle Brusegaard has serious patience.

The creative people at circa ceramics have an appreciation for some awesome vintage shapes including this great desk. Not surprisingly I also love the vespa.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and see this first thing everyday? Buy it, put it up, and find yourself a little happier. Made by tealtown.

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