Monday, March 3, 2008

etsy finds

Oh necklace, where you you when I was getting married? I really really wanted something just like this and never found it. Damn, maybe for our anniversary???? Made by danaleblancdesigns.

I have a real problem when it comes to wrapping presents. I absolutely love it, and will go to great extremes to make every gift beautiful. I have been known to spend more on the wrapping than on the gift itself. Rifferaff is a new shop to me, but I quite adore all the designs.

Simple and humorous. And beautiful too. I love this little pourer from raedunn.

I have already mentioned the work of Jose Lampreia, but I found another image that is really wonderful. He has a few etsy shops, this image (only $30) is available at privateview.

I would buy everything available from spindesigns if I could. The mobiles are seriously amazing, and the jewelry is just my style, simple and modern.

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