Tuesday, February 19, 2008

etsy finds

I didn't intend on making this list of etsy finds all birds, but I'm searching for a little bird to put in our turquoise bird cage and this little guy by cotton bird designs got me all excited.

Most of the great cards made by pepperina press are 50s style ladies in great shades of papaya and strawberry. This sweet card would be wonderful for a valentine, an anniversary or along with a wedding gift.

Simple, modern earrings is how the intuitive garden describes these, and I agree. I could see wearing them with about half my wardrobe.

The little creatures made by chetanddot are adorable. Pale colors, soft material, they are the essence of spring.

If I had the wedding to do over again, I honestly think I would have ordered a pair of these custom cake toppers by rainsend. They are brilliant.

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