Monday, June 13, 2011

what we're eating

It's an exciting week with lots of dining out so I only had to plan dinner for a few nights. The menu:
Sunday-fava beans with shallots and parmesan, cappellini with roasted garlic, lemon vinaigrette and mixed greens, steamed asparagus
Monday-hamburger or gardenburger with cheese and tomato garlic relish, salad
Tuesday-garbanzo patties with yogurt sauce served with pita, and tomato cucumber salad

Have you ever eaten fava beans? I had, but this was the first time I ever prepared them. Definitely a labor of love as they have to be peeled twice. First shell as you would peas. Throw into a pot of salted boiling water for about a minute. Pour into an ice bath and let them cool. I used a pairing knife to split open and then popped out the beans. 
Last night a sauteed some shallots and a few sliced of jalapeno, added a little lemon zest, grated parmesan, chopped tarragon and then tossed in the fava.
I have eaten them plain with pecorino slices and honestly I think that is just as good and so much simpler.
Both times we drank prosecco and you really should too.

As I mentioned, it's a big week with a birthday and a wedding so you might not hear from me. I'll be back with images next week.

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Sounds delicious! Glad I stumbled across your blog!