Wednesday, July 14, 2010


How can it be that vacation is busier than regular working life? I've been off for about 10 days and haven't posted one single time because I've been so super busy. Having the craft fair just around the corner is what does it, every spare moment is filled with cutting and stitching and we've been building a totally rad booth. I've been catching up with old friends and we took a vacation. The real thing. One where we go out of town and don't work (with the exception of a tiny bit of hand-stitching which admittedly I love doing.) When I spent a weekend at Costanoa last Spring, my sister and I kept saying we'd have to come back with our significant others and friends. So last weekend we finally did. There were 13 of us all hanging out together and it was perfect. Evenings by the fire telling stories, laughing and drinking wine. Days spent walking through the bluffs to the beach and maybe a good long nap somewhere in there. You're camping, but you're not roughing it. They have heated bathrooms and gorgeous organic food you can buy. Everything you could possible have forgotten is available in the general store, and we even watched the world cup in the restaurant. Let me suggest to you all that you go and stay for a few nights. It's peaceful and beautiful and just what I needed.

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