Thursday, June 26, 2008

idaho vacation-day 6

The major event of the day was taking Gramobile to the car wash. You can see it sparkling behind Cristina and Blackjack.

One of the nicest parts about Boise is warm evenings. We've been taking advantage of it, sitting on the deck, eating and chatting until it gets dark. We go home tomorrow. It's been so relaxing, but I think I am actually ready to sleep in my own bed.

idaho vacation-day 5

We wandered along the river for a bit, and then put our blankets down for a little resting and reading.

There is a lovely rose garden behind the museum.

If you think that all we're doing is eating and lazing around, you're right. Check out this enormous burger that Cristina consumed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

idaho vacation-day 4

Our backyard doesn't exist, so we decided to take advantage of the grill and outdoor seating for dinner this evening.

Cristina was thrilled to have made "the lines" on her perfect steak.

Ooh, I treated myself to the best pedicure today. We crossed the street to explore the $1 Store (I'd never been in one) and right next door happens to be an Aveda Spa. The foot massage was worth every penny!

Monday, June 23, 2008

idaho vacation-day 3

It was an extra lazy day today. After a matinee viewing , I spent some time reading my new David Sedaris book and sipping on iced chai. When I got too hot, I took a quick shower and then a nap on the couch. Yes, this is a serious vacation.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

idaho vacation-day 2

Woke up very confused about the time. Every clock in this house says something different, and my computer didn't agree with a single one. Learned to trust the cell phone. We took a trip to the botanical garden which is adjacent to the old penitentiary. Walked around in the blazing sun, then sat in the shade on an old bench swing.

idaho vacation-day 1

We arrived yesterday early afternoon here in Boise. Took a trip to the local Co-op for groceries, and made it back just in time for a quick t-storm. This never happens back home, so it was rather exciting. Cristina saw lightning, but I missed it.

not all babies are cute

There's so ugly it's cute. And there's ugly. Check out the schnoz on this thing!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

new cuscino

I made some new throw pillows this week which has inspired a new line for ciuccio-to be debuted at The Renegade Fair next month.

something's different

To you, the reader, it looks like every other entry. To me, the writer, it's quite different. I'm writing from my brand new Happy Birthday to me MacBook. Yeah, that's right. I bought myself a very serious present. I need it for the business, and it's been darn hard sharing time with Cristina on her desktop. So there you have it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

etsy finds

Happy Birthday to me. Born on 6/16 at 6:16 pm. In some ways all my etsy finds are wish lists, but this one in particular would make for some great birthday gifts. (hint hint)

"Frozen"by Paola Frusteri I found these gorgeous earrings awhile back while searching for sellers from Genova. The year I spent there stands out more than any other year of my life.

MikeandMary make these sterling silver earrings with a wonderful dark patina.

I am made fun of for carrying around many bags, but I have a lot of stuff to schlep. This sassy market bag by moop would really come in handy on Saturdays.

Skinnylaminx products are all over the place lately and it's no wonder. I especially like this spoon design, and would gladly take either the tea towel or the apron.

"Swimming Pool" by Melanie Favreau. I am obsessed with this color lately. It's glorious, and happens to look good on me.

This is brilliant! I am actually pretty good at math and like doing conversions, but there are times when this chart could have saved some serious mishaps. Made by greenchairpress, a favorite of mine.

I adore the throw pillows made by joom. And this print is wonderful as well.

How many purses is too many? Surely I should have just a few more. This carriage clutch by alamodestuff would be a welcome addition. I love the handle!

"Red Barn" by Abhayah reminds me of my childhood. I helped make an amazing haunted house in a barn much like this one one Halloween.

Lois of misslo has a way with porcelain. I absolutely love these.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

chasing the puppy

I think this pretty much explains itself. We were playing this afternoon, and I made a little movie.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

farmer's market

I finally made it out of bed in time for the farmer's market. I hate going when it's crowded, so for me it's before 9 or not at all. Produce is finally coming into season! I bought apricots, cherries (bing and rainier) corn, strawberries, english peas and more. And I am inspired to cook again. Stay tuned for recipes this week.

hey there, cupcake

Yes, I am an amazing nanny. I make cupcakes for birthdays. We celebrate the twins turning one today, and hours were spent yesterday making a mere 50 coconut cupcakes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

natalie bowen designs

From the beginning, introducing you to some of the very talented friends I have was part of the plan. So here, finally, is the first. Natalie Bowen is the floral designer behind Natalie Bowen Designs. We actually met about 5 years ago and worked together at Rose and Radish for awhile. Beyond her talent with flowers, she is very stylish, and possibly the nicest person ever. She's the kind of person who hand makes cards, and sends them just to say hello. She's the type of friend you wish you could be.

On occasion, I have the opportunity to be Natalie's assistant. I have patience and nimble fingers so I am frequently put in charge of boutonnieres. I can also pack a car full of flowers without breaking glass vases, so I get called in for deliveries.

Last weekend I helped with the installation for a wedding at Hotel Vitale. Clearly the view was amazing, and Natalie succeeded in extending the modern look of the terraces to the flower arrangements.

More landscapes than arrangements, she chose to use succulents, mums, bare branches and moss. You can see by the size of the succulents, that Natalie focuses on quality and ingenuity for her arrangements.

The couple was to hold the ceremony in front of these 50 candles (all of which I hand-tied on.) Natalie encourages her clients to keep the arrangements simple, allowing for the beauty of the blooms to shine.

If you would like to find out more about Natalie, or even book her for your own wedding, please take a look at

Monday, June 2, 2008


We thought it was the new neighbor's dog. A low growl every couple of days. Then we decided it was another neighbor's cat. A month later, Cristina caught the culprit, the largest pigeon I have ever seen. Regularly we saw her hanging out on the deck we share with the neighbors making a weird growling sound. And then yesterday, we found out the fattest pigeon ever has laid eggs in the window box. I have never liked pigeons, but today I found myself quietly taking the garbage out so as not to scare her. And the picture is taken from the doorway since she looks so nervous. If I ever get to see the babies, I'll take a picture to post. Until then, I'll be tip-toeing with the recycling.